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Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

OVER 65yrs We have unfortunately run out of over 65yr flu vaccines. We are still taking bookings but the appointment will not be until after the 9th November 2018 when our next delivery is due. Sorry for any inconvenience

If you are UNDER 65 and in an eligible at risk group it is very important that you have a flu jab please book today or we are offering a walkin clinic along side the bloods Mon &Thur 07.30 - 10.30 or Wed & Fri 08.00 - 10.30 If you already have an appointment with a doctor you do not need to book a seperate appointment for your flu vaccine the doctor can administer it for you 


We are a Practice with six partners and four salaried GP's working in a busy inner city area of South East London with a list size of approximately 14,500 patients. We are commited to the development of Primary Care and value our roles as generalists. In order that we may be able to provide a service to the community which is holistic in its approach, we have not chosen to specialise in any one area. We do, however have special interests which include mental health, maternity services, research, information technology, teaching, minor surgery and medical history.

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