History of the Jenner Practice

We are a Practice with SEVEN partners and two salaried GP's working in a busy inner city area of South East London with a list size of approximately 15,400 patients. We are commited to the development of Primary Care and value our roles as generalists. In order that we may be able to provide a service to the community which is holistic in its approach, we have not chosen to specialise in any one area. We do, however have special interests which include mental health, maternity services, research, information technology, teaching, minor surgery and medical history.

We are also interested in developing services which reflect local need and we work closely with other organisations in the planning and assessment of services provided.

The Practice works out of a 1971 Health Centre which is shared with community staff. The building underwent major refurbishment in 2001 using a joint funding approach, in order to develop the building, in particular, the entrance, waiting and reception areas. We now have a building that has not only improved working conditions for staff, but has enabled us to provide an environment for patients which is both pleasant and welcoming.

The Practice works as a Primary Health Care Team, with links to other agencies. The Practice's population is drawn essentially from the three wards of Blyth Hill, Perry Vale and Forest Hill which immediately surround the centre.

Until 1995 there were two practices consisting of five and three partners who shared the same premises and staff. The present partnership came about following the amalgamation of the two practices within the Health Centre in 1995.

During 1999/2000 we extended our practice boundary in order to enable patients from the Blythe Hill and Stanstead Road area to register with our practice. Also, in this year, we were proud to be recognised by the London Assessment Centre Recognition Panel as an investor in People organisation.

During 2000/2001 The Jenner Practice became part of a pilot scheme called Personal Medical Services Pilot (PMS). The objectives contained within the PMS pilot focussed on addressing inequality and accessibility of service delivery and offered the opportunity of working in partnership with other health care professionals.

We were re-accredited in November 2001 with the Investors in People award. Quote from the assessor "It was not difficult to reach my conclusion that The Jenner Practice continues to meet and indeed exceeds the Investors in People Standard".

We are currently working towards balancing the needs of the patients with the needs of the doctors by extending surgery times througout the day. This will increase patient choice and provided an opportunity for doctors to develop portfolio careers in research, development and education.


Introducing Modality Partnership

On 1st July 2018, the Jenner Practice joined the Modality Partnership.  We are proud to join with two other local GP practices who are coming together to offer better care for all of our patients.  Click here to read more.