updated at 01:50pm on 19/12/2018

by Irene Aspalter gave Jenner Health Centre a rating of 5 stars

the best GP practice I've been to so far

The Jenner Practice has by far the loveliest and friendliest nurse there is, making all the difference especially when you kids get vaccinated. Thank you!
The Jenner Practice provides very efficient, wonderful care. We always get appointments when we need them. I also really like their text system for vaccinations and to be reminded of appointments. All the staff and doctors are extremely friendly, and make you feel taken seriously every single time.

Visited in November 2018, Posted on 10 November 2018

by Anonymous gave Jenner Health Centre a rating of 5 stars

As good as they come these days

Everyone works hard. Ideally there would be more staff so that appointments would be easier to come by and there would not be such long waits on the phone. I have the impression they try very hard to overcome these problems.

Visited in February 2018, Posted on 26 February 2018