Services we provide

Antenatal Clinic

Once you know you are pregnant, come and see us in surgery.

We have weekly antenatal clinics, with a morning booking in clinic and routing antenatal appointments in the afternoon. ( for pregnancies registered with Lewisham Hospital )  The midwives work closely with the pratice nurses, health visitors and GP's in providing antenatal and postnatal care for our patients twice weekly. They also offer patients booking in clinics. Please ask at reception for details.


Child Health Clinic:

We offer regular checks for children at the age of 6 weeks, 8 months and just over 3 years. Your health visitor will explain these checks to you.  


Sexual Health:

We offer a range of contraceptive advice and services including information on general, emergency and teenage contraception. ( We do not offer implants or coils) . We also offer a cervical screening service. Just make an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses.

This service is only available to patients registered with the practice. If further Sexual Health or Family Planning advice is needed please click here for further information.




Contact Number: 020 3049 2446

The chiropodist practice a philosophy of care which empowers the patients. Patients can self-refer, or be referred, to a range of services, including an initial assessment involving a discussion and agreement to a course of treatment suitable to the patients needs. they are able to perform nail surgery and vascular and biomechanic assessments, providing temporary insoles for patients needing plantar redistribution. They run a diabetic clinic including annual foot assessments, liaising with the diabetic clinic at Lewisham Hospital.

In addition to this they are involved in domiciliary visits to those patients who are unable to come to the practice. they are the second busiest chiropody department in Lewisham. 


District Nursing:

Contact number: 020 3049 3000 ( Call centre )

The district nursing team work closely with the practice providing full professional support. They provide care for the housebound including diabetic management, continence assessments and the care of catheters, ear syringing, flu vaccinations, venepuncture, and the acute and chronic on-going management of ulcerated skin lesions, including the use of dopplers, with an active involvement in the leg ulcer clinic.

they are closely involved with patients requireing furthr input following discharge from hospital such as wound care, suture removal, pressure area care and provision of pressure area equipment.

They also work closely with St Christopher's Hospice providing palliative care, including the maintenance of intravenous infusions, so that terminally ill patients and their families can be supported in their own homes.

They regularly have nursing students at the practice who are on community placement and who shadow them in order to gain experience within the community. 


Dietetic Services:

A dietetic service is provided by a State Registered Dietitian (SRD). Nurritional problems, diet related conditions (e.g. Diabetes Mellitus, Coeliac Disease) and other conditions possibly associated with diet (e.g. Eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome) may be referred, as well as patients requiring guidance on general healthy eating, vegetarianism etc.

Referrals are made by the GP or practice nurse by letter. A consultation includes dietary assessment, giving appropriate advice, information and support.


Health Visiting:

Contact number: 020 3049 2408

The health visiting team consists of three health visitors, one community support nurse, one nursery nurse and two clinic auxiliaries. they provide full professional support including paediatric health surveillance and child health clinics which offer evening sessions for working parents. These clinics provide parental support, access to immunisations and general health promotion advice.

As well as providing these core health visiting services the health visiting team also offer early antenatal contracts, and weekly postnatal support group for parents with babies up to twenty weeks of age. this incorporates health promotion, parenting, child development, play social and emotional issues. They have received counselling training and have developed a proactive approach to postnatal depression. Women are screened postnatally at six, twelve and twenty weeks by questionnaire and are offered extra health visiting if required.

In addition to the above they also provide a sleep clinic which is run on client demand. Self-referral is preferred and the programme is based on a behavioural adaptation model.

The health visitors are now fully trained in prescribing a limited formulary. These are future plans within the health visiting services to introduce positive parenting and breast feeding support groups.


Maternity Services:

The midwifes provide antenatal and postnatal care for our patients twice weekly. In addition they offer patients booking clinics and parentcraft sessions and, along with the practice nurses and health visitors, form part of our joint antenatal, postnatal and child health care team within the practice.


Practice Nurses:

The practice nurse team offer check-ups for new patients, well man and well woman checks including cervical smears, family planning and HRT advice. They are responsible for the management of minor ailments, ear syringing, immunisations,  administering neuroleptic medication to chronic stable mentally ill patients. In addition they run open access asthma, coronary heart disease and diabetes clinics with an active call/recall register and are available to discuss general aspects of health and lifestyle. 

They provide health promotion advice including weight managment, excersise and smoking cessation. they also run a weekly smoking cessation clinic.   





Psychological Services:

Contact number  : 020 3049 2000 ( Call centre )

The counsellor and psychologist provide individual and couple therapy to clients experiencing mental health and emotional difficulties. These may include stressful life events such as relationship or family conflict, prolonged bereavement difficulties, occupational stress, as well as mild-moderate depression, anxiety, and health related problems.


School Nursing Services:

Contact number: 020 3049 2420

The school nurse team at the Jenner works pro-actively within the surrounding community in local primary and secondary schools, linking with the GP practice and Social Services. The team provides professional support and advice for school age children and their families at school, at home and in the health community term time, and part time during the school holidays.

They offer support and advice on the management of medical conditions and special needs in school, supporting the development of individual health care plans. Other aspects of work include health assessments, developmental medicals, immunisation and health promotion. Trained nurses also run an enuresis clinic fortnightly offering support and advice to children of seven years plus and their families.

Members of the team are trained on parent advisor skills offering support in behaviour management/boundary setting. The development of positive parenting groups is currently in progress.


Drug Addiction Services:

We offer a drug addiction service in partnership with the Dual Team GP Liaison Service (community drug project). The purpose of the partnership is to support GPs treating patients in the primary care setting, to extend the availability of drug addiction pharmaceutical and psychological treatment to patients, and imporove the shared care management of patients between primary and secondary care.